Friday Feb 4th  12pm-1:45pm  Free Admission

Music by Prudence  33 min.
Prudence Mabhena lives in Zimbabwe, and for a long time almost no one knew about her hauntingly beautiful voice. No one knew the strong, resilient woman who owned it. They were unable to overlook her body; she was born with a debilitating condition called arthrogryposis. Music by Prudence traces the path of this little girl, and her remarkable transcendence from a world of hatred and superstition into one of music, love and possibility (2009).

The Dark Side of Chocolate  47 min.

Is the chocolate we eat produced by trafficked children? Award winning Danish journalist, Miki Mistrati hunts for answers in Mali, West Africa where hidden camera footage reveals illegal trafficking of young children to the cocoa fields in neighbouring Ivory Coast (2010).

Also screening: 2 short films focusing on youth & International Development Week

ALL YOUTH are WELCOME – If your class or group of youth would like to attend contact: Ed Carswell

presented by BC Council for International Cooperation & World Community